ConSpire has recently undergone a massive re-brand! We decided that although we loved our old style, it’s was time to embrace something new and innovative that represents our direction looking to the future; our new logo encompasses the elegance and modernism which inspires our basins and bathroom furniture. Our range is ever growing and we’re eager to explore the potential of new forms and finishes, so it only makes sense for our brand to grow and adapt too!

The logo is comprised of two fonts, making it unusual by todays minimalist design standards. Why motivated this choice? Well, we realised that the character of ConSpire could not be conveyed through one monotonous modern font, hence after searching for inspiration, we decided to marry Avenir and Didot in order to capture a duality that truly represents ConSpire. Modern, yet timeless.
This dynamic new style has solidified the foundations on which we’re building our story – there are many exciting announcements head of this one, so stay tuned via our social media platforms and website!