Talented designers and artisans are the key to our consistent quality
and innovation; it’s their eye for detail that ensures each of our
products has the personal touch. Every piece of furniture and basin
from ConSpire is lavished with attention and gloriously hand finished.
Our master sculptors take around 40 hours to create an original
master-cast from natural stone before it’s moulded – afterwards,
each cast is vigorously sanded before receiving 4 anti-scratch,
anti-grease and water resistant coatings, exclusively developed
alongside industry leaders to give ConSpire unbeatable longevity.


ConSpire encapsulates modern industrial design
with functionality at it’s heart.
We make unique basins and bathroom furniture
for individuals who appreciate exceptional
design and quality combined. Let our dynamic
range of concrete and terrazzo basins and innovative
furniture inspire a new vision for your bathroom.


We explore and innovate to create new unequalled bathroom design.
Take our exclusive ‘Eco-teak’ composite for example,
an environmentally friendly material made from recycled teak dust;
It’s high-density, durability and water resistance make it the
perfect choice for our bathroom furniture. What’s more, we offer
an array of colours to suit your individual style. At ConSpire we
constantly re-think bathroom design by taking inspiration from
natural and urban environments for new styles, like dusk grey,
vintage brown and copper green.