At ConSpire we’ve always been curious about the possibilities of concrete, thats why our team are constantly experimenting to develop new finishes. You probably already know our luxurious black and white Terrazzo, as well as our divine concrete light, dark and natural concrete, but allow me to introduce 3 new vastly different finishes: Copper green, Vintage brown and Dusk grey. These innovative new finishes take inspiration from a range of natural materials, such as oxidised copper and iron.

Almost every ConSpire basin will be available in these new finishes, meaning that you have an array of new and inspiring choices when styling your bathroom. The copper green and vintage brown finishes in particular add a refreshing touch of colour and character – copper green delivers subtle tones of turquoise, whilst vintage brown boasts alluring earth tones such as clay and burnt orange. The most notable of these colours however is Dusk grey; Dusk grey was refined from our natural concrete finish, so it exhibits the same charm and texture, but introduction of our unique pigment produces a finish that is altogether darker and more alluring.

If you’re interested in seeing our range of finishes, do not hesitate to view the 2018 catalogue! Inside you’ll find beautiful photography and detailed information about which basins are available in which finishes.