Concrete Design Basins and Terrazzo Design Basins and Innovative Bathroom Furniture Europe

ConSpire encapsulates modern industrial design with functionally at it’s heart. We make concrete design basins, terrazzo design basins and innovative bathroom furniture for individuals who appreciate exceptional design and quality combined. Let our dynamic range of concrete and terrazzo design basins and innovative bathroom furniture inspire a new vision for your bathroom.


Contemporary Concrete Design Basins and Terrazzo Design Basins Europe

Discover Conspire’s wide product range of extraordinary concrete design basins and terrazzo design basins. Available in raw to modern finishes to make your Conspire basin suitable for any bathroom or washroom. We offer more than 30 unique design basins in 8 amazing finishes to suit your individual style. [ Vintage Brown Concrete, Copper Green Concrete, Dusk Grey Concrete, Natural Concrete, Light Grey Concrete, Dark Grey Concrete, Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo ]


Unique Innovative Bathroom Furniture Europe

We explore and innovate to create new outstanding bathroom design. Take our exclusive ‘Teak Bio-composite’ for example, an environmentally friendly material made from recycled teak dust that is indistinguishable from real wood. It’s durability, high- density and water resistance make it the perfect choice for our bathroom furniture.

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Talented designers and artisans are the key to our consistent quality and innovation; it’s their eye for detail that ensures each of our products has the personal touch.

Our master sculptors take more than 20 hours to create a terrazzo or concrete design basin from natural stone before it’s molded – afterwards each cast is vigorously sanded before receiving 4 anti- scratch, anti-grease and water resistant coatings, exclusively developed alongside industry leaders to give ConSpire’s products unbeatable longevity.

The multitude of variations in our range is a product of rigorous experimentation; each color finish is designed to add a different character to concrete whilst preserving its original charm. More than 40 craftsman work at our factory plant, who passionately produce your ConSpire products.

The standard of our concrete and terrazzo sinks simply could not be achieved using mass production, hence why our core philosophy is ‘Quality over quantity’ and always will be. We regard longevity to be the true mark of quality – these coatings and our rigorous manufacturing methods ensure that each product carrying our name is preserved in all it’s glory for years to come.



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The ConSpire Team

Our team is a multi-cultural mix of designers/craftsman, production managers, admin and researchers, each playing a vital role in making ConSpire the future-thinking brand it is. Hardworking, versatile and creative are words that come to mind when summarizing the diverse group of people who keep ConSpire’s cogs turning!

Whether that means overseeing the production to ensure quality standards are consistently achieved, or spending all night packing containers on time to reach their destination, each of us at ConSpire share a common goal – to make sure our unique concrete design sinks, terrazzo design sinks and innovative bathroom furniture are ready for you.

Our factory and headquarters are located in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. We ship containers to Europe, as well as any other continent in the world.

Feel free to contact us anytime for further questions.





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